I want to thank the men and women of Lake Almanor Brokers.

In late July of 2017 I was vacationing at the Carson Chalets with my family. I was told that I would have Wi-Fi at the Chalet so I planned a job interview for Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi was in-fact no functional! Desperate as I was, I began walking around the area looking at my phone for Wi-Fi. All of them were password protected.

I noticed that one of the signals was emanating from the Lake Almanor Brokers. It was early in the morning but there was a gentleman in the building (I think it was the owner Billy Taylor), I walked to the door and was greeted with extraordinary kindness. He gave me the password and wished me luck

When I realized the Wi-Fi didn’t reach my Chalet, I walked back to the Brokers Office and spoke to another gentleman, Mike Penman, who recommended I use the office’s back patio for my interview.

I did use the back patio on Wednesday for an hour and a half and I also got the job. I am now the Assistant Principal at a wonderful Bay Area School.

I want to thank the men and women of Lake Almanor Brokers. They certainly are the kind of people I would trust to handle my finances and realty needs I know stressful buying property can be and certain that the folks at Lake Almanor Brokers would be there to lighten the load.

Thanks Again Barry LaBass,